• Two full time casting directors.
  • Freelance professional actors who works as our studio directors.
  • Team of coordinators who manage the studio flow and after casting requests.
  • Kayos is Online: we use www.wholebangshoot.co.za
  • wholebangshoot talent searches for preliminary castings, rescue castings or castings to enhance your quotation and impress your potential client up-front.
  • Interactive FTP service allows our clients access to a real time collaborative platform to view, shortlist, option, callback, present and coordinate your talent throughout the process.

  • Specialists in Performance castings.
  • Specialists in large vignette-type commercials.
  • on a budget... no problem. Our picture casting service is exemplary. You can always back it up with a callback or skype casting service if you need video.
  • New service.. Skype castings or callbacks. Our latest technology allows a director to attend a casting or callback virtually.
  • Coming soon.... Johannesburg Castings
  • We pride ourselves on our excellent working relationships with agents in Cape Town and many in Johannesburg.



   Our facilitIES

  • 2 digitally equipped studios at Buchan Square  in Woodstock. Access to 3 other studios in Cape Town.
  • Low Carbon Footprint due to custom made LED lights that use the energy of 1 100w light bulb each.
  • We utilize the services of www.thewholebangshoot.co.za to manage setups, presentations and after-casting. WBS has a database of over 35,000 dynamic records or artists.




  • 4 x Panasonic SD80s video cameras
  • 4 x Canon Digital cameras
  • 2 x flat screen Samsung television monitors
  • Online registration and presentations through www.wholebangshoot.co.za
  • Basic props/wardrobe room