Why Kayos

We've got casting waxed.

After 20+ years, we can guarantee quality castings delivered quickly, whatever your budget.

  • Casting and talent performance expertise

  • Online collaboration and casting platform

  • Extensive scouting networks to discover best talent

    Live option casting & status links


    Video briefs for talent

    Online picture castings

    We can cast anywhere, literally

    Experienced dream team with friendly support


    Clear and concise video briefing.

    Talent are briefed via video 24 hours in advance ensuring they are perfectly prepared for your casting.

    Find that perfect person, wherever you are.

    Our online casting platform and Picture Casting brings 1000s of faces from every agency into one central place.



    Live video uploads ensures your casting is sent to you in record time.

    Detailed talent profiles to help you make the best selection.


    Stay on the pulse as it happens.

    Option profiles keep you on the pulse of talent availability as it's updated. Colour coded for easy reference.