Just want to say thanks for introducing the casting Vimeo's for each character and explaining exactly what you are looking for . They're informative , encouraging and add to the clarity needed for the auditioning process. Laura Santoni - Professional Model

Kayos is far more cosmos than chaos and indeed a pleasant venue to cast; professional and very friendly! Lars - Professional Actor

Amazing friendly team, you never wait long , you always feel prepared for a casting, by far my favourite casting studio.. love you guys especially Iain  latoya mihaylova - Professional Model

Kayos - one of my favourite studios to cast at! Sabine Palfi - Professional Actor

I am always exited to attend Kayos castings. They are very organized and professional. One feels special. :) Lizette Vander - Singer

A pleasure working with the team. - APM

It is always such a pleasure calling the Kayos offices and hearing a friendly voice on the end of the line. We know that Kayos will always go out of their way to help us with any queries. They are very organized. - Samantha Bernhadi Artist Management

When in season and stress levels are high, tempers are short and mood is low, it is always a pleasure to deal with the Kayos team over the phone, a friendly, helpful voice makes all the difference. - ERM Stars

Kayos is fantastic to work with, such good energy, and no matter how stressed they are, they remain polite , efficient and super friendly, what a joy to work with :-) xxxxx - My Booker Management Agency

All people working at Kayos are friendly, professional and very helpful. - Terene Characters

Every one of your staff members are awesome, wonderful people with a passion for this industry. Definitely amongst the most innovative and creative Casting Directors in Cape Town. - Ozone Artists

Kayos is like a well oiled machine that runs smoothly from input to output! From working as a model to booking as an agent, the process is seamless. - Martez Model Management

We the Bluestar Team, love working with the Kayos Team. Our artists love attending their castings, and they work with the best system in our industry, making the tough job of casting a pleasure. - BluestarManagement

Terence is excellent and lovely to work with!!! Thank you for putting in the extra time, emails and personal calls that makes our work easier!!!! - Evelyn Brink Artist Management

A pleasure to work with - Infinity Models