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Dear UP Supporter

Thank you for showing an interest in the Upliftment Programme. We are a not-for-profit organisation with the aim to Uplift all corners of all mouths.

We do some positively amazing AMAZING work in South Africa, with our roots in the Western Cape; we' re just getting going in Gauteng and have interest in other provinces nationwide.

We envision a future, where every child is inspired to laugh at least once a day. We involve and empower individuals through performance UPliftment. Our network of performance artists, volunteers and community members are committed to UPliftment and ensuring the sustainability of our projects. With humour as the key focus to our healing and development work, we aim to bring smiles to those most in need. This includes care clowning in hospitals, outreach to HIV/AIDS orphans, TB patients, homeless/street children and youth at risk.

In overview our two main initiatives are:

Care Clowning
The UP Care Clowns make weekly consistent visits to hospitals and other care institutions. This includes the Red Cross Children' s hospital, Grootte Schuur and other institutions. The UP aims to support institutions and families with the emotional care of their young patients, and children continue to respond with big smiles all around.

Performances incorporate magic, story telling, clowning and quiet support depending on the needs and reality of each patient. All our performers are empathic, versatile human beings who deal from the heart. The UP does not provide an alternative to medical care, but rather enhances the healing process and quality of life of patients when they need a smile most. The UP aims to support institutions and families with the emotional care of their young patients.

This is the first Care Clown initiative in the Western Cape and the project has more than 30 volunteers currently donating their time to this, 8 full time. Our more seasoned Care Clowns can be adopted by individuals or organisations. Feel free to contact us should you be interested in our 'Adopt a Clown' initiative.

Busk don't Beg
This inspirational project is managed by the UP in partnership with other facilitators and NPO' s based in the Western Cape. It involves twice-weekly sessions with a group of 40 street kids living in Central Cape Town. The project is aimed at empowering children to get them off the streets. The UP makes use of play as the basis for healing work, while at the same time focusing on skills training. Imagine a city centre with buskers instead of beggars… Modules incorporated into the project to date include juggling, mime, African drum and dance, rap and improvisation work.

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Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. - Jim Rohn

Your financial support of whatever amount helps us to spread smiles where it is really needed and it makes YOU an official Upliftment Agent! We appreciate your generosity and assistance.

Smiles and Light
Nikki Jackman & Lucille Greeff
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